Angling First Ltd

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9 Rugby Avenue


BT32 3NA

Inland Revenue Ref. No: XR6535O

Company Registration No: NIO45361

Charity Reg No: NIC 100779




Angling First Ltd is a charitable organisation whose aim is Getting Kits off the Streets and into Fishing. The objectives are to promote the benefit of children and young people of 18 years and under, by providing access to the recreational and leisure time occupation of angling so as to develop their physical, mental and social skills with the object of improving their conditions of life so that they may grow to maturity as individuals and as members of society and to act as an aid to the social inclusion of the said young people.

Policy Statement


The Board of Directors of Angling First Ltd recognise and endorse the Code of Practice for the protection of children and volunteers. Angling can and does have a very powerful and positive influence on young people. We must be content that children, young people and volunteers find angling a safe environment in which to have fun and learn. Positive adult-child relationships will result in growth, development and fulfilment for all those involved in angling.




Activity Guidelines


The angling activity undertaken should be suitable for the ability, age and experience of the participants.

Children with disabilities should be involved in angling activities in an inclusive way, whenever possible. Coaches should be aware of and seek to gain competence in addressing the special needs of children with disabilities.

Adult / child ratios should reflect the duration, nature and location of the activities, the ages and characteristics of the young people and any other safety issues related to the activity. It is the responsibility of Angling First Ltd to determine what are appropriate adult / child ratios and ensure that they are adhered to. It is recommended that more than one adult at a time should be present at angling activities. This will help to ensure the safety of the children and protect adults against false allegations.

Quality leadership in angling activities is necessary to enable young people to accept responsibilities, accept others and accept themselves. The environment should help participants to feel and believe that they all have an equally important contribution to make to the activity.

Standards of behaviour of both children and coaches should be considered as important as the angling activity.

Parents /Guardians have a duty to ensure that the context in which their child is participating is appropriate, as indicated in the Code of Conduct.

Children & Youths Anti-Bullying