Angling First Ltd

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9 Rugby Avenue


BT32 3NA

Inland Revenue Ref. No: XR6535O

Company Registration No: NIO45361

Charity Reg No: NIC 100779

Angling First Ltd

Code of Conduct

Children / Youths


All children/youths should be valued and treated in an equitable and fair manner regardless of ability, age, sex, religion, social and ethnic background or political persuasion. Children / Youths irrespective of ability or disability should be involved in angling activities in an integrated and inclusive way, whenever possible, thus allowing them to participate to their potential alongside other children/youths.


Children / Young People


Children/Young People are expected to:


Keep within the defined boundary of the fishing/coaching area.

Behave and listen to all instructions from the coach.

Take care of equipment owned by the club.

Refrain from the use of bad language or racial/sectarian references.

Refrain from bullying or persistent use of rough and dangerous play.

Show respect to other youth members and leaders

Keep themselves safe and observe all safety instructions.

Report inappropriate behaviour or risky situations to the coach / supervisor.

Learn to respect the environment and the habitat.

Respect officials and accept decisions

Not cheat

Not use violence

Not indulge in any form of gross misconduct, vandalism, theft, abuse, disorderly behaviour.


Any misdemeanours and general misbehaviour will be addressed by the immediate coach and reported to the Board of Directors.  Persistent misbehaviour or gross misconduct will result in dismissal from the charity activities. Parents will be informed.


Children/Young people have the right to:


Be safe

Be listened to

Be respected


Enjoy your sport in a protective environment

Be referred to professional help if needed

Be protected from abuse by other member or outside sources.

Participate on an equal basis, appropriate to their ability

Experience competition

Be believed

To ask for help  

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